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Top-Notch Treatment for Neck and Arm Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your neck and arms while bending and stretching? Dr. Michael Winkler, Chiropractor can help you get rid of the pain. 

Our chiropractic methods can treat muscle spasms, cramps, pinched nerve pain, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, sleeping difficulty, headaches, whiplash injuries, and injuries from auto accidents.
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Contact Us if You Experience These Symptoms

Tingling, numbness, lack of feeling, and loss of strength in hands are some of the symptoms which indicate that you definitely need some chiropractic care to find relief from your neck and arm pain.

We recommend that stretching is a good at-home care remedy. You can also get a massage at any of our offices. From children to senior citizens, we treat patients of all ages.
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Call us for chiropractic treatment for neck and arm pain.
We accept different types of insurance at both our offices. Ask for more info.
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